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Post Processing

Streamline Your Workflow

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Post Processing Solutions

Optimized. Automatic. Repeatable.

Providing the unused resin printing functionality of WRAP, the WRAPCure Certified add automatic DLP final curing. WRAPCure Certified's microprocessor ensures correct thermal and UV exposure, providing best-in-class curing of your parts.



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Dual Functionality

Print waste resin, then switch to final curing of your DLP parts.


Fully Automatic

Save time avoiding manual part repositioning.

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Cost Savings

WRAPCure Certified's LED longevity negates the need for expensive halide bulb replacement.

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Repeatable Quality

Properly control temperature & UV wavelength, ensuring mechanical properties & dimensional accuracy.

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Novel Architecture

Transparent turntable positioned between UV light sources evenly cures the bottom of your part.

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WRAPCure Certified

The easiest way to cure your parts.

WRAPCure Certified provides fully automatic DLP curing, without the need for manual repositioning. Its patented design places a rotating transparent stage between upper and lower high powered UV lights, allowing for even and consistent amounts of UV energy to access all sides of your 3D printed part.

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Optimize Your Curing

Explore our range of accessories for the WRAPCure Certified to get the most out of your machine.

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