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Waste Resin Printers

Streamline Your Workflow: Safe & Efficient Waste Printing Solution

WRAP™ (Waste Resin Axial Printing) is the perfect environmental solution for one of 3D printing's biggest workflow gaps: hazardous waste handling. Start transforming your used or expired UV/EB waste resin into solid plastic stock today.



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Transform hazardous liquid waste into functional machine components.


Time Savings

Start the W7500 & walk away.

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Cost Savings

Avoid costly hazardous waste outsourcing.

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Avoid messy DIY curing that exposes employees to dangerous hazardous waste.

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Hands-off operation allows employees to focus on higher-level tasks.


Optimize use of WRAP™

Explore our range of accessories for the WRAP™ W7500 to get the most out of your waste resin printer.

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Waste Resin, Simplified

The WRAP automatically repurposes UV waste resin. Using WRAP technology, the printer allows users to avoid time-consuming homespun curing solutions or expensive hazardous waste outsourcing.

Just need to print PolyJet waste resin? Check out the WRAP W7500. Also print DLP and SLA waste resin? Check out the WRAP+. Need to post-cure DLP parts? Check out WRAPCure.