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Replacement High Viscosity Vat for WRAP and WRAPCure.


For use with most high viscosity DLP and SLA resins. Vats are designed for specific material properties.  Use of the incorrect resin will cause serious damage to the machine. As resin sits, its viscosity can change. To determine the correct Vat for your resin, use the Vat Viscosity Testing Tool.

High Viscosity Vat

  • The WRAP comes with a 1-Year Parts Warranty and Email Support. The Warranty only applies to the WRAP machine. Consumables are covered for manufacturing defects for 30 days. All replacement parts are covered for the 30 days or by the remaining time in an existing Warranty, whichever is greater. Warranty is voided by the use of third-party consumables and/or improper use of resins. 

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