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Does WRAPCure adhere to material manufacturer's specifications?

Yes, WRAPCure proves a 405 nm wavelength, which is recommended by DLP material manufacturers. The duration of curing is different for each material and can be found on the manufacturer’s specification sheet.

Are the LED lights broad spectrum?

The UV LED lamps operate at a 405 nm wavelength. Please refer to the material-specific process sheet for time requirements when post-curing using 405 nm.

What material is the table made out of?

The turntable is made from scratch resistant cast acrylic.

What is the largest part I can cure?

WRAPCure was designed to process the full build dimensions of the Origin One. To use the automatic rotating function, the largest part size is 9.5 in. dia. x 4 in. ht. When using the optional plexiglass manual table, the largest part is 9.5 x 11.5 x 5 in., with manual positioning required.

Do I need to monitor parts during curing?

No, WRAPCure is fully automatic. During operation, the machine runs a pre-heating chamber conditioning, and then adjusts to cure parts, according to the pre-programmed timing function. When the pre-programmed timer has ended, the machine will automatically turn off.

Can WRAPCure be used in an office environment?

The printer comes with built-in carbon filtration; however, it is intended to be used in a well-ventilated warehouse or factory environment. If an office environment is required, use of the Onulis exhaust adapter is needed for proper ducting.

What maintenance does WRAPCure require?

When in curing mode, wipe the Rotating Table with isopropyl alcohol after each use. When in printing mode, spray the Vat comb with isopropyl alcohol and empty the Resin Catch into the Vat after each use.

What WRAPCure items are considered consumables?

There are no consumable items for WRAPCure. For printing mode, the Vat, Vat Viscosity Testing Tool, Vat Cleaning Tool, Disposable Filler Filters, and Disposable Light Shrouds are all considered consumables and as such are not covered under the warranty or Total Care Maintenance Plan. Consumables can be ordered through your Onulis reseller or the Onulis website.

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