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WRAPCure Certified FAQs

What requirements for ISO Certified companies does the WRAPCure Certified meet?

The important thing to know about ISO 9000 is that it is a certification for manufacturers that requires self-auditing. The audits mandate calibration of manufacturing equipment (and calibration of any instrumentation used in that process). Having documentation from the Onulis factory satisfies the first year’s audit. Onulis offers a self-audit kit which includes calibrated instrumentation to satisfy subsequent required audits.

What traceable documentation does Onulis offer with the WRAPCure Certified?

Every WRAPCure Certified unit receives multiple in-process measurements for wavelength and irradiance values from each of the four UV arrays. Values are documented again at final assembly, which includes all wiring and internal power supplies. All certificates of calibration are included with each machine when shipped.  

How does a self-audit work?

Purchase a Self-Audit Kit from Onulis includes a calibrated irradiance meter, fixturing for multiple sensor placements, and a documentation spreadsheet which automatically passes or fails each recorded value.


The meter can be sent back to the factory each year to obtain a new calibration certification.  

How do I correct out of spec irradiance values?

Onulis offers a “Recharge Pack” which includes two UV arrays and their associated electronic drivers. Each Recharge Pack comes with its own calibration documentation from the factory. WRAP Cure Certified was specifically designed for easy replacement of these essential components.

Does the unit actually flip parts or is it simply large enough and designed to cure 360 degrees of the part?

The WRAPCure Certified has an elevated glass table that rotates. There are two high powered UV arrays positioned above the glass table and two more positioned below the glass table so that all surfaces are fully cured.


WRAPCure Certified is the only post cure solution that automatically cures all sides simultaneously, including downward facing surfaces.

What if I ship my WRAPCure Certified outside of the United States or Canada?

The WRAPCure Certified operates on 120V. If the country you are shipping the machine to does not operate on 120V, then you will need a converter. 

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