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Automated, Safe and Sustainable Waste Resin Disposal from Onulis

The Onulis W7500 converts hazardous UV waste resin into hard plastic stock, safe for disposal.

Onulis has released the new W7500 3D Printer, the industry’s first printer to use UV waste resin. Leveraging WRAP technology (Waste Resin Axial Printing), the W7500 automatically converts used or expired UV waste resin into solid plastic stock, safe for disposal as standard household waste. Emphasizing sustainability, the solid stock is ideal as a zero-cost replacement for foam blocks used in CNC machining.

Current solutions for disposing waste resin are undesirable and involve messy do-it-yourself methods or costly services. Manual methods involve exposing thin layers to the sun and stirring partially cured resin to expose wet underlayers, repeating the process until the resin is cured. Expensive hazardous waste companies require machine operators to transfer and store waste in large drums until sufficient quantities are collected. This method can cause an automatic EPA classification as a LQG (Large Quantity Generator), SQG (Small Quantity Generator) or a VSQG (Very Small Quantity Generator). The W7500 replaces current solutions, enabling companies to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

“Our new W7500 has provided us a huge time and cost savings,” said Matthew DeGroat, Service Bureau Manager at Purple Porcupine, a leading Southern California parts provider. “We’re happily surprised at how it has minimized our team’s contact with hazardous waste and allowed us to re-focus on higher-value tasks.”

WRAP Technology

The W7500’s hands-free process separates waste resin into droplets for thorough curing via a patent pending drip comb system. The technique avoids the use of pumps, valves, and hoses, which are susceptible to clogs. Its integrated safety features enable unattended operation.

The machine is now available and sells for $4,999. It is a safe and affordable solution to waste resin disposal that promotes sustainability. The printer can be purchased through the Onulis website or an authorized reseller.


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