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What Our Customers Are Saying

Technical Program Manager, Google

"Great for the shop and the environment! Fill it and leave it, you have the peace of mind that excess material is being handled right and safely." 

Professor, Fullerton College

“We finally got our new Onulis WRAP W7500 Resin Waste unit! Who needs to flush expired resin down the toilet? Not us!... Just kidding, we always disposed old and expired resin through a vendor, BUT NO MORE! Now we can do it ourselves! Bought it through Purple Platypus in Irvine, California.” 

Facilities, Huntsville 3D Printing

“Printing with the W7500, we were able to use our waste resin to manufacture useful fixtures for our production floor. The biggest benefit was that we were able to safely dispose of the excess solid printed material, leaving us with zero hazardous waste.”

RP Manager, Purple Platypus

“Our printers are running constantly, and we noticed the waste from printing had started to accumulate. We started pouring layers of waste resin onto lunch trays, which was time-consuming and messy. After the W7500 was brought in, we were able to refocus on more important tasks. We’re very impressed with how well the machine works and I wish I thought of it first.”

Operations Supervisor, Bay Area 3D Printing

“For months, we ran our PolyJet machines for a large Service Bureau job valued at $350,000. In the end, I had 10 5-gallon buckets filled with waste resin that I didn’t know what to do with. The W7500 was the solution to the problem.” 

Business Owner

“Great machine. We had a lot of resin piled up in our warehouse collecting dust. I didn’t want to spend the time or money trying to go through a waste removal company, so we shoved it all in a corner. The W7500 blew through a year’s worth of waste resin in a few days.”

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