The Onulis W7500 automatically converts UV waste resin into fully cured plastic stock for a variety of uses and is safe for disposal as standard household waste. Using our patent-pending WRAP™ (Waste Resin Axial Printing) technology, the W7500 easily transforms hazardous waste resin into disposable hard plastic.


The W7500 is the first technology-driven solution for handling UV waste resin, allowing users to avoid time-consuming homespun curing solutions and expensive hazardous waste outsourcing that can draw unwanted oversight from the EPA.


Start disposing of hazardous waste safely, with ease.



Process your unwanted hazardous waste resin into standard household waste at virtually zero cost. Or, use the hardened recycled material as low-cost media for prototype machining, the raw material to produce colorful products, or unique organic shapes to create artwork projects.



We weren't sure how we wanted to handle the waste resin we had stored up from using our PolyJet printer. We didn't want to be classified as a hazardous waste generator, nor did we want the responsibility of being a hazardous waste treatment or processing company per the EPA. The W7500 has enabled us to avoid this completely. We are now using our waste resin as standard 3D printing material to print usable solid blocks for use in our CNC machining department. Our team is happy we can manage this waste responsibly while avoiding the bureaucracy and oversight usually associated with hazardous waste. It's also a great benefit to get 100% utilization of the PolyJet materials we buy. Highly recommend.

Matt DeGroat - RP Manager

For months, we ran our PolyJet machines for a large Service Bureau job valued at $350,000. In the end, I had 10 5-gallon buckets filled with waste resin that I didn’t know what to do with. The W7500 was the solution to the problem.

Mike Stone - Operations Supervisor

Printing with the W7500, we were able to use our waste resin to manufacture useful fixtures for our production floor. The biggest benefit was that we were able to safely dispose of the excess solid printed material, leaving us with zero hazardous waste.

Albert Moreno - Facilities



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