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Future Solutions, Now.

Sustainable 3D Printing, Traceable, Production DLP Curing.

Cure Waste Resin Faster.

Waste Resin Printing

Print UV waste resin into a fully cured plastic stock for a wide variety of uses, and safe for disposal as standard household waste.


DLP Post Processing

Cure DLP Parts Smarter.

Use high-power, low-heat UV lamps and a transparent rotating curing table for automatic and complete production part curing.


Hear how our products improve companies' workflows. 

"Great for the shop and the environment! Fill it and leave it, you have the..."

Technical Program Manager, Google

“We finally got our new Onulis WRAP W7500 Resin Waste unit! Who needs..."

Professor, Fullerton College

"Since acquiring the Onulis WRAPCure, we have significantly reduced the post-processing..."

Sr. Application Engineer, AdvancedTek

"Before I switched to the WRAPCure, post-curing resin prints was easily ht most labor-intensive..."

Application Engineer, GoEngineer

“We weren't sure how we wanted to handle the waste resin we had stored up from using..."

RP Manager, Purple Porcupine


Explore Products

From converting UV waste resin into solid plastic stock to production DLP curing, our products are designed to optimize your additive workflow.

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